In Catcca community there are wise elders who have preserved ancestral knowledge and who are still practicing. But they lack a link so that they can transmit this knowledge to the next generation. The Human Actions team is helping the wise elders to organise workshops in the community school targeted at children and adolescents giving them the opportunity to learn and practice this important cultural knowledge. The workshops are focused on textiles, medicinal plants, permaculture, and gastronomy.PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-27-35PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-25-53PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-27-30PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-25-50PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-27-25PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-25-42PHOTO-2018-07-23-02-25-54

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