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PHOTO-2018-08-12-01-50-43Human Actions has been created out of a desire to foster healing; for individuals, families, and society at large. The organisation has been born out of our families desire to creat a formula to help heal, drawn form the knowledge gained from ancestral and scientific teachers. Over the years our family has been through a number of ups and downs together. It is through these strong shared experiences that we were presented opportunities for growth and Human Actions is a synthesis of what we learned along the way.  Aimed at people of all faiths and religions; scientists and doctors; ahteists and agnostics; governmental and non-governmental organisations.

19059119_945325388942108_2420030108643863024_nIt is through our families shared experiences that we have learned the first steps to opening the healing doors of ones mind, body and spirit is through the act of GIVING. Doing kind acts with love and sincerity make us more healthy. Engaging in healthy acts is the psychological basis for happiness. Modern day neuroscience has confirmed that engaging in kind acts improves ones hormonal, psychological, emotional, and physiological well being. In many cases it has been observed to prolong duration of life, generating vital force through which mental and physical healing is obtained.

“The person who undertakes acts of kindness with SINCERITY receive 100% of the benefits to ones health and well being. – People who do not undertake these acts with sincerity receive only a tiny portion”

32190832_1129070727234239_6331425644261408768_nHuman Actions is a non-profit organisation whose mission it is to communicate a way of life based on providing sustainable social assistance, comprehensive healing, and an education based in humanism. We focus our actions on the less favoured and vulnerable people and communities in Peru having as a base of support as Etnikas centre of integrative medicine, Munay School Healing, and Andean Cosmovision.

Our philosophy  is a notion supported by modern physic with string theory noting a solid vibratory field moved by a universal energy. We understand the reality, that we are deeply connected with the universe and mother nature, and this is used as our guiding force. We consider it a mistake to think our physical existence is the sum total of reality, neglecting  the spiritual realm and considering it imaginary.We believe that in entering into connection with the spirit, one enters into a connection with love. As the Spirit is Love.


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